9 Reasons To Try Non-Alcoholic Wine  

Have you found yourself curiously checking out the non-alcoholic wine section at your local bottle shop or supermarket lately? You've noticed that it's no longer just a few unappealing, neglected bottles gathering dust. Instead, the shelves are stocked full of attractive options from brands you already know and love; and for the first time, you actually find yourself considering whether to add one to your trolley.

If this sounds like you, then you are what we in the adult bev biz like to call "sober-curious".

Times are certainly changing. Gone are the heady times of the 80s when even the Aussie Prime Minister was glorified for holding the world record for sculling a beer!

These days the culture has shifted. There is a heavier focus on health and wellbeing, and Australians are much more discerning with their beverage choices.

Binge drinking is a no-no; mindful merriment is the new status quo.

Bottle and glass of Tempus Two Spritz Rose


What is Non-Alcoholic Wine?

Non-alcoholic wine is essentially wine that has been made using traditional methods, but the fermentation process is stopped before all of the sugar is converted into alcohol.

Tempus Two Zero wines are made in the same way as our full-alcohol varieties. Using grapes grown and harvested in Australian vineyards, our experienced winemakers produce expertly crafted, full-flavoured and aromatic wines that are processed at our winery.

Then, using our innovative spinning cone column technology, we gently remove the alcohol at a low temperature to protect and preserve the wines’ delicate varietal characteristics before it is bottled.


Does non-alcoholic wine have health benefits?

Non-alcoholic wine is generally lower in calories and sugar, making it a good choice if you are moderating your alcohol consumption for lifestyle or health reasons.

For example, with Tempus Two Zero, you can enjoy a delicious, full-flavoured glass of wine with the following health benefits:

  • Lower calories – a 150ml serving of 12% full-alcohol red wine can be around 128 calories, while a 150ml glass of Tempus Two Zero Red Blend has around a third of this amount at just 44 calories.
  • Lower sugar – Tempus Two Zero Red Blend has 6.2 grams of sugar per 150ml serving; significantly less than the same serving size of orange juice (12 grams) or Coca Cola (15.9 grams).
  • Zero-refined sugar – the only sugars contained in Tempus Two Zero wines are from the grapes; no refined sugar is added during the production process.
  • Gluten-free – no gluten products are used to make Tempus Two Zero wines making it safe for those with a gluten intolerance.
  • Vegan – all Tempus Two Zero wines are vegan-friendly.


9 reasons to try non-alcoholic wines

If you're still unsure about the hype surrounding non-alcoholic wine, we've got 9 fantastic reasons to convince you to jump on board the alcohol-free bandwagon and join us for the ride!

1. The Healthier Option

Non-alcoholic wine tends to be lower in calories and sugar than your favourite full-strength brands, and there are lots of gluten-free, low-carb and vegan options available on the market as well.

2. Hangovers be gone!

You can say sayonara to any morning-after effects or hangxiety when you switch things up with non-alcoholic wine and mocktail options. Wake up feeling fresh and fantastic – ready to take on the day.

3. Budget-friendly

If the current cost of living crisis is getting you down and you’re looking for cost-effective alternatives across the board, non-alcoholic wines are generally cheaper than the real deal.


Have you ever skipped out on an event because you’d previously made the decision to abstain from alcohol, and were worried you might give into temptation and have a sneaky drink or two?

For many of us, drinking alcohol is ritualistic at social gatherings, and not partaking can leave you feeling a bit out of place and awkward. With non-alcoholic wines, you can still enjoy the moment without the side effects and not miss out on any of the excitement.

5. Secretly sober

Pregnant but not ready to share the news? Giving sobriety a crack but not ready to combat the inevitable prying questions? Go on and let that inconspicuous bottle of Tempus Two non-alcoholic Rosé be the perfect decoy! We got you!

6. The Tactical replacement

Got a long night of partying ahead of you? Why not alternate between full-strength wines, mid-strength wines (check out our Lighten Up collection) and non-alcoholic wines to help you maintain control over your consumption.

7. Designated Driver duty

Just because you’ve drawn the short straw for designated driver, there’s no reason why your tastebuds should suffer bland and boring beverages! Why not pop open a bottle of non-alcoholic Prosecco and toast the night away knowing that you’ll get everyone home safely.

8. Say Yes to Inclusivity

The more, the merrier right? By offering greater non-alcoholic options, besides boring old water and soft drink, you are opening up the appeal of your party to those who choose to abstain from alcohol, be that temporarily or long-term, for health, lifestyle or religious reasons, or maybe just because they don’t feel like drinking at every social event on the calendar.

9: SFW

If you’ve ever woken up the morning after the annual work Christmas party with an ominous feeling of regret, then you may want to consider opting for some non-alcoholic cocktails for the next event. Disclaimer: we can’t guarantee non-alcoholic wine will stop you from making a fool of yourself on the D-floor… but it may help.

Bottles of Tempus Two Zero Spritz Rose, Pino Grigio, Moscato

How can non-alcoholic wine be incorporated into a party or social gathering?

You’ll be surprised just how many people will opt for alcohol-free wine if it’s available.

Setting up an alcohol-free drinks station with all the usual wine suspects, including red, white, rosé and bubbles is a considerate touch when hosting an event.

A sweet and refreshing mocktail will also hit a high note with those on the sober train – we especially love this non-alcoholic fruit punch recipe.

And having non-alcoholic bubbles on offer for the customary toast will ensure fewer half-drunk flutes of that painfully expensive Champagne are left for you to pour down the sink at the end of the night!


What are the best non-alcoholic wines to try?

Not quite sure where to start? Lucky for you, Tempus Two are big believers in going beyond tradition, beyond the expected, beyond the boring. We believe that variety is the spice of life, and our gals and guys gotta have options!

We’ve spent years perfecting our delicious range of low and no alcohol wines. If you love our regular wines, we know you’ll feel the same about these beauties:

  • Tempus Two Zero Moscato: With tropical, passionfruit and floral notes, this is a light-bodied and refreshing wine with a crisp, zesty finish.
  • Tempus Two Zero Pinot Grigio: Fresh and fruity with a crisp, balanced finish, this wine has the same citrus and green apple aromas and zippy spiced pear palate as a full-alcohol Pinot Grigio.
  • Tempus Two Zero Red Blend: Delicious aromas of ripe red fruits, raspberries and dark cherries with hints of chocolate and spicy vanilla oak, this bold and full-flavoured wine finishes with soft drying tannins. 
  • Tempus Two Zero Spritz Rosé: With fresh strawberry, citrus and tropical aromas, this beautiful, pale pink wine has sweet fruit and floral flavours with a crisp and spritzy finish. 
  • Tempus Two Zero Prosecco: Lifted citrus and pear floral notes make this wine fresh and fruity, with lively bubbles and a zesty finish.

The alcohol-free movement is well and truly on the rise and the benefits are clear. Whether you’re simply flirting with the idea of incorporating alcohol-free into your drinks repertoire, or if you’re ready to commit to a life of sobriety, the quality of options for non-alcoholic wine substitutes is increasing by the day.

Consider the possibilities with Tempus Two Zero alcohol wine.

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