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Low Alcohol and Standard Drinks Explained

With more of us choosing to lead a healthier lifestyle and opting for moderation when it comes to consuming our drinks, now more than ever it can be helpful to understand what a ‘standard drink’ is.

Understanding what defines a standard drink and how to measure alcohol units can be confusing; but, it can make Friday night drinks or Saturday long lunches much easier to enjoy by removing the guilt of over-consumption (or a dreaded hangover) the next day. Plus, if you’re looking to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, the knowledge of how many standard drinks you’re consuming can help you make more informed choices towards ‘mindful drinking’ as you switch to lower-alcohol options.


A quick lesson in ABV (Alcohol By Volume)

When determining how many standard drinks are in your glass, you first need to understand what you’re measuring; what you’re measuring is the amount of alcohol in your drink.

The amount of alcohol equals the percentage by volume and is often called ‘ABV’ (or Alcohol By Volume).

The amount of alcohol in wine relates to the amount of sugar accumulated in the grapes at harvest time. The higher the sugar levels, the higher the ABV. Side note: If you’re trying to cut down on calories, a lower ABV means fewer calories in your glass.


What is a standard drink?

Essentially, a standard drink measures a specific amount of alcohol consumed. According to the Australian Government Department of Health, a standard drink is always equal to 10g of pure alcohol. However, this can get confusing when you look at different drinks, sizes, and types of alcohol you’re drinking.

Just remember this: one standard drink always contains 10g of pure alcohol regardless of glass size or alcohol type. For instance, the number of standard drinks in a glass of wine (if 100mL was in each glass) is typically equal to:


standard alcohol in a drink infograph


How many standard drinks in a bottle of wine?

If you want to keep track of how many standard drinks you’re consuming - particularly if you want to cut back - the first step is to check the drink’s label. This will tell you how many standard drinks there are in that specific bottle.

In general, a full-strength bottle of wine has between 7-9 standard drinks, while the number of standard drinks in low alcohol wine is around half that of the full-strength equivalent. Low alcohol wines are perfectly suited to long lunches with friends and an ideal choice if you want to reduce your alcohol or calorie intake. Generally, they include up to 9% ABV (alcohol by volume) while maintaining the same great fragrance and flavours of higher ABV wines.

‘Lighten Up’ - our delicious new range of low alcohol wine - has approximately four standard drinks per 750mL bottle, allowing you to reduce your alcohol intake without compromising on the great taste and experience of our full-strength range.


Range of lower alcoholic wines rose sparkling

2020 Tempus Two Lighten Up Pinot Noir

This elegant low alcohol wine bursts with black cherry, strawberry and red berry aromas for a juicy mouthful and crisp, lasting finish.

ABV: 6.8%

Standard drinks: 4 standard drinks per bottle

Calories: 80 calories per serve


2020 Tempus Two Lighten Up Prosecco

The perfect accompaniment to any occasion. The delicate bubbles of this Prosecco joyfully mingle with notes of citrus, apple and pear for a delicate, lasting finish. A low alcohol wine with reduced calories while still bursting with flavour; what’s not to love?


Standard drinks: 4 standard drinks per bottle

Calories: 75 calories per serve


2020 Tempus Two Lighten Up Rosé

This light, dry Rosé is low in alcohol with reduced calories for all-day sipping with friends and long lunches. Balanced and juicy, the palate is refreshing with waves of red apple peel, strawberries and cream, and maraschino cherry to finish with elegant simplicity.

ABV: 6.8%

Standard drinks: 4 standard drinks per bottle

Calories: 75 calories per serve

Recommendations from health experts

The Australian Government Department of Health provides a standard drinks guide to Australian consumers wanting to enjoy alcohol with reduced health risks. Their guidelines explain:

  • Alcohol affects everyone
  • How many standard drinks you consume is a personal choice, however, the less you drink, the lower your risk of harm from over-consumption
  • Healthy adults should drink no more than 10 standard drinks per week, and no more than 4 standard drinks on any one day
  • Women who are pregnant, planning a pregnancy or breastfeeding, and young people under 18 years of age should not drink any alcohol

How many standard drinks can you have?

As recommended by health experts, if you’re planning to drink, aim for less than 10 standard drinks per week and no more than 4 standard drinks on any one day.


Enjoy the moment your way

The evolution and rise in popularity of mid and low alcohol wines have made it simple and convenient - with plenty of options available - to enjoy a glass of wine with less alcohol (and calories) per serve. With over 30% less alcohol and 30% fewer calories than a standard bottle from the Tempus Two Varietal Series, the delectable new Lighten Up range of low alcohol wines allow you to enjoy the moment, without worrying about that early morning meeting. Low alcohol wines also make excellent food pairings; they tend to be more delicate in flavour and won’t overpower the dish. We recommend Lighten Up Prosecco Lighten Up Rosé - it’s the perfect accompaniment to a seafood platter or light salad. Cheers!